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H2O Weights PTY (LTD)

Load Testing Equipment Specialist

H2O Weights provides a one-stop solution to any company or organization with Lifting Equipment and Machinery needs. We are committed to provide our customers with products and service of the highest standards. H2O Weights offers the sales of lifting tackle, rental of proof load testing equipment, load testing services, certification and inspection of lifting equipment.

H2O Weights PTY (LTD) have been approved in terms of the Driven Machinery Regulation 18(5) by the Department of Labour, as Lifting Machinery Entity (See Appendix A and B) to perform examining and testing of lifting machinery/tackle, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993. We are furthermore registered with the Engineering council of South Africa (ECSA), as well as with the Lifting Equipment Engineering Association of South Africa. (LEEASA). We hold a seat at the South African Bureau of Standard (SABS), in the decision making of standards/regulations, regarding lifting tackle and machinery.

H2O Weights consist of the following


Inspection and load testing of lifting machinery/tackle, services, repairs and maintenance of lifting machinery and tackle. General Engineering, Inspection & Testing of Lifting Machinery, Equipment, Lifting tackle and Pressure Vessel


Proof Load testing equipment are available for short and long term rental. Rentals of proof load testing equipment, lifting tackle and lifting machinery that included mobile crane and truck mounted cranes.


Service and maintenance support regardless of location. Sales of Lifting Equipment and Machinery. Sales of lifting equipment and machinery such as : shackle, sling, chain, chain block, lever block, lashing equipment, steel wire rope.


Such as overhead cranes, jib cranes, man cages, lifting beams and much more. Load simulations for trains, concrete slabs and bridges. We have and full Engineering department with project managers to perform any special project related to the lifting world.